Saturday, November 26, 2022

Twenty-five top novels based on true stories

At Oprah Daily Carole V. Bell and Trish Bendix tagged twenty-five novels based on true stories, including:
Beautiful Exiles, by Meg Waite Clayton

War correspondent Martha Gellhorn met Ernest Hemingway in 1936, and, despite Hemingway's marriage to journalist Pauline Pfeiffer, their flirtatious friendship quickly became romantic. Their own eventual marriage was tumultuous, which, of course, makes for a great read—especially with Clayton's talent for taking years of research and spinning it into something sexy. Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen starred in HBO's 2012 take on their relationship, Hemingway & Gellhorn, but Beautiful Exiles further explores who Gellhorn was in her own right.
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--Marshal Zeringue