Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Eight great thrillers with effective twists

Caleb Roehrig is a former actor and television producer who cannot seem to live in one place. Currently dividing his time between Chicago and Helsinki, he is an expert at writing on planes and recovering from jet lag. His young adult titles include the acclaimed thrillers Last Seen Leaving, Death Prefers Blondes, and The Fell of Dark, as well as The Poison Pen—a tie-in to the CW’s popular Riverdale television series—and the Archie Horror original novel A Werewolf in Riverdale.

Roehrig's latest novel is Blood in the Water.

At CrimeReads he tagged eight favorite thrillers with effective twists, including:
Lock Every Door, by Riley Sager

Jules Larsen has nothing: no family, no job, and no place to live…until she finds an ad for a house-sitter at the Bartholomew, a glamorous apartment high-rise in Manhattan. At first, she believes it’s the answer to all her prayers; but after moving in, she realizes that nothing about her new luxury address is as it seems. Things go bump in the night, people disappear, and disturbing facts—about both the building and its residents—gradually come to light, leaving Jules afraid for her life and unsure who to trust. A Millennial take on Rosemary’s Baby, this book manages the incomparable feat of pulling the tablecloth out from under the tablecloth.
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