Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Six books featuring memorable family gatherings

At Lit Hub Walker Caplan, a performer, writer, and comedian from Seattle, tagged six "books featuring memorable family gatherings both good and bad." including:
Jonathan Franzen, The Corrections (Picador)

Enid Lambert just wants to bring her family together for one last Christmas at home before her husband’s mind is lost to Parkinson’s. But each of her adult children are dealing with their own problems—depression, infidelity, debt—that they’re trying to fix with various societally prescribed “corrections.” The novel switches between the viewpoints of all five Lamberts; it veers into reading like a systems novel at moments, painting a tragic and amusing picture of deteriorating American culture as it acts on a single family. A good reminder when calling home: we’re all dealing with our own issues.
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--Marshal Zeringue