Friday, December 18, 2020

Fifteen of the best zombie books

Kara Brand is a recent graduate of Lafayette College, where she studied Government and Law and worked for her college’s Writing Program and its Office of Sustainability. At The Lineup she tagged fifteen zombie books to satisfy your hunger for horror, including:
The Monster Island Trilogy by David Wellington

David Wellington, author of vampire novels like 99 Coffins and 23 Hours, stands out with this zombie trilogy. Akin to World War Z in scope and I Am Legend in its dramatic arc, The Monster Island Trilogy tells of humanity’s struggle against an ever-growing horde of flesh-eating zombies.

In Monster Island, a former UN weapons inspector searches zombie-infested New York City for the one thing that might save his family. In its prequel, Monster Nation, Wellington revisits the nightmare plague that gave rise to the zombie apocalypse in Monster Island. Nation follows a Colorado National Guardsman captivated by an exceptional zombie with the powers to reason, and possibly, the powers to save humanity. In the final book in the trilogy, Monster Planet, the world has reached its breaking point—an army of hungry zombies sweeps across the globe. A brave young woman, a wicked sorcerer, and a child commander of the zombies must all face off to determine whether humanity will persist or perish.
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--Marshal Zeringue