Sunday, December 27, 2020

Nine top books with lonely protagonists

At Hillary Kelly tagged nine of the best books with lonely protagonists, including:
All the Birds, Singing, by Evie Wyld

Jake Whyte is tending her flock of sheep on a remote, rain-blasted English island. Something — whether man, fox, or wolf, we don’t know for sure — is hunting those sheep and mutilating them one by one. If this sounds like the premise of a thriller, well, it is, but not of the usual variety. Jake lives inside a soundstage of her own mysterious past, and as she turns huntress herself — setting up at night with her gun and a whiskey— this menacing novel asks how we can stay safe from outside dangers if our insides have gone to rot.
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All the Birds, Singing is among Rose Carlyle's seven great thrillers that take readers to faraway places, four books that changed Alison Booth, and Cal Flyn's ten top books about the Australian bush.

My Book, The Movie: All the Birds, Singing.

--Marshal Zeringue