Monday, August 31, 2020

Ten thrilling mothers in fiction

Jenny Milchman's books include Cover of Snow, Ruin Falls, As Night Falls, and The Second Mother.

One of the author's ten top thrilling books in which mothers are the driving force, as shared at The Strand Magazine:
Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips

Another day of mothering has unraveled to its inevitable end, and Joan and her four-year-old son are leaving the zoo. But then Joan sees something so impossible, so awful, she turns and runs the other way with her son in her arms. For the next three hours—and the rest of the novel—Joan must keep Lincoln safe in an environment that once provided nothing more than a fun, distracting outing, and has now become as alien as motherhood itself.
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Fierce Kingdom is among Christina McDonald's eight thrillers featuring moms on a mission, Sarah J. Harris's eight mysteries with images that might stay with you forever and Mary Kate Carr's eleven recent novels that powerfully tackle gun violence.

The Page 69 Test: Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips.

--Marshal Zeringue