Monday, September 09, 2019

Six books to help make sense of parliament

Isabel Hardman is a journalist and broadcaster. She is Assistant Editor of The Spectator and presents Week in Westminster on BBC Radio 4. In 2015, she was named "Journalist of the Year" at the Political Studies Association's annual awards.

Hardman is the author of Why We Get the Wrong Politicians.

At the Guardian she tagged six of the best titles that explain what is happening in UK politics, including:
The best book that explains how parliament works, in theory and in practice, is written by a former clerk of the House of Commons, Robert Rogers, and a group of experts. How Parliament Works is now in its eighth edition and is up-to-date on the effects of Brexit on Westminster; what difference a minority government makes; and how it runs itself. It’s clearly written, which makes it handy for students as well as adults who just want to understand the difference between a second reading, secondary legislation and a bill committee.
Read about another entry on the list.

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