Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Caroline Lea's "The Glass Woman," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: The Glass Woman: A Novel by Caroline Lea.

The entry begins:
My writing process is strongly visual, and this was particularly true for The Glass Woman, where the majestic brutality of the Icelandic landscape was absolutely key to the novel’s suspense and terror. I kept pictures of icy mountains and desolate lava-fields on my laptop, ‘blocking’ each scene as a director before I wrote it, imagining my character’s movements. I taught high school drama for many years and love the way that a gesture or facial expression can betray a character’s motivation, or their struggle to conceal it. This became hugely important for the world of secrets and lies in The Glass Woman.

Ròsa would be played wonderfully by Heida Reed, who so brilliantly narrated the audiobook. She often portrays characters who are simultaneously strong and vulnerable, and would perfectly convey Rósa’s internal conflict of loyalty, rebellion and fear.

I’d choose Bradley Cooper for Jón and can imagine him encapsulating the character’s rugged menace and desire for control, alongside his moments of tortured fear. I loved Cooper’s later moments in A Star is Born, where he...[read on]
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