Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What is Emily Devenport reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Emily Devenport, author of Medusa in the Graveyard: The Medusa Cycle (Volume 2) .

Her entry begins:
I have a full time day job, a household to run, a writing career to (mis)manage, and an odd collection of other pursuits that relate to all of the above, so my reading can be a bit spotty. Fortunately, there are audio books to help me multitask.

I just finished listening to Paper Son, by S.J. Rozan, the latest Lydia Chin/Bill Smith mystery. Lydia and Bill are very different people, who are sort of in love with each other but are also really good private investigators who discover quite a lot of culture and history along the way. Should anyone decide to give these two...[read on]
About Medusa in the Graveyard, from the publisher:
Medusa in the Graveyard is the action-packed, science fiction sequel to Emily Devenport's Medusa Uploaded.

Oichi Angelis, former Worm, along with her fellow insurgents on the generation starship Olympia, head deeper into the Charon System for the planet called Graveyard.

Ancient, sentient, alien starships wait for them—three colossi so powerful they remain aware even in self-imposed sleep. The race that made the Three are dead, but Oichi's people were engineered with this ancient DNA.

A delegation from Olympia must journey to the heart of Graveyard and be judged by the Three. Before they're done, they will discover that weapons are the least of what the ships have to offer.
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