Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Six amazing YA books that take place in skewed realities

Sarah Skilton is the author of Bruised, a martial arts drama for young adults; and High and Dry, a hardboiled teen mystery. At the BN Teen blog she tagged six amazing YA books that take place in slanted realities, including:
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, by Lindsay Ribar

The reality: Aspen Quick has been crushing on Brandy (his best friend Theo’s girlfriend) since forever, and the lovebirds’ nauseating p.d.a. is driving him nuts. When the trio travels to upstate New York for the summer, and Theo and Brandy unexpectedly break up, Aspen finally gets his chance to romance the girl of his dreams.

The slant: Aspen’s the one who wrecked their relationship—by reaching into his beloved Brandy’s brain and removing her love for Theo. See, Aspen has certain powers, passed down from his father, which enable him to steal other people’s memories, emotions, or abilities. His family is tasked with using their powers to keep the townspeople safe from an unstable, dangerous cliff that could collapse at any moment. But when Aspen realizes he’s being manipulated in the same way he has always manipulated others, he knows it’s time to change.
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The Page 69 Test: Rocks Fall Everyone Dies.

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