Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ten of the best bachelors

At the Guardian Michael Hogan came up with a list of the ten best bachelors. Most of the entries are actual men; among the fictional characters to make the list:
Bertie Wooster

PG Wodehouse’s comic hero Bertram Wilberforce Wooster wouldn’t have got into nearly as many scrapes had he been married. Besides, his valet Jeeves in many ways fulfils the role of long-suffering wife. Bertie does propose several times – to icy blonde Lady Florence Craye (who tells him “your Aunt Agatha… called you a spineless invertebrate and advised me strongly not to marry you”), American millionaire’s daughter Pauline Stoker, scarily sporty Honoria Glossop, soppy romantic Madeline Bassett and reckless redhead Bobbie Wickham – but once the charms of his intended’s “lovely profile” wear off, he tends to see engagement merely as a trap from which Jeeves must extricate him. What ho!
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--Marshal Zeringue