Friday, October 21, 2016

Six YA books featuring teens with strange abilities

Parker Peevyhouse is the author of the acclaimed debut novel Where Futures End. One of her six favorite YAs centering on teens with unusual abilities, as shared at the BN Teen blog:
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, by Lindsay Ribar

Aspen can steal the strangest things—emotions, memories, thoughts, and even abilities. He can heal his own injuries by stealing your wellness, can get rid of his anxiety by skimming off a little of your peace of mind. But what’s really surprising is that Aspen uses much of what he steals to placate the cliff hanging over his town so it won’t come crashing down on everyone. In the end, Aspen is forced to face one of my favorite dilemmas in stories about gifted teens: he must finally choose whether to use his ability for himself or for the good of others.
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Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies is among Sarah Skilton's six amazing YA books that take place in slanted realities.

The Page 69 Test: Rocks Fall Everyone Dies.

--Marshal Zeringue