Wednesday, June 08, 2016

What is Gary Corby reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Gary Corby, author of The Singer from Memphis.

His entry begins:
Writers read, indeed. I love writing these articles for this blog because I always end up with a rather strange list. And it's happened again, so here we go with what I've just been reading.

Jazz Improvisation for Guitar: a melodic approach, by Garrison Fewell.

It's a terrific book. Mr Fewell was a musician and teacher at the prestigious Berklee School of Music. I'm very sorry to say that he lost his life to cancer only a year or so ago. But his music lives on. For most people that would be a cliché; for Garrison Fewell, it's...[read on]
About The Singer from Memphis, from the publisher:
A historical murder mystery adventure that stretches from Classical Athens to Egypt in the footsteps of the first historian, Herodotus

Nicolaos, the only private investigator in ancient Athens, discovers that helping an author with his book research can be very dangerous. The would-be author Herodotus has hired Nico and his priestess wife, Diotima, to accompany him to Egypt to research that ancient country’s history. Unfortunately, Egypt happens to be in the throes of a rebellion against its overlords, the Persian Empire. Pirates infest the sea route. Three different armies roam the Egyptian countryside. The river is full of crocodiles. Everywhere Nico turns, there’s a secret agent ready to kill him, and he can’t find a decent cup of wine anywhere. A simple historical investigation turns into a dangerous adventure of international espionage.
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--Marshal Zeringue