Sunday, June 12, 2016

John Farrow's "Seven Days Dead," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Seven Days Dead by John Farrow.

The entry begins:
Actually, I’ve had a “literary” novel made into a film. The Timekeeper, written under my real name, Trevor Ferguson, taught me that, when it comes to casting, be careful what, and who, you wish for. We ended up having a pair of actors switch roles, which was a godsend, but going into the process, despite all our preparation, who knew? Director and producer were also tickled pink with an actress, and the fact that she was so unbelievably attractive was a bonus. Trouble is, once we got her out to the far northern woods, she was too pretty to be believed in the harsh reality of that environment. Her role had to be deleted, I had to rewrite scenes to make it so, and her image was digitally removed from scenes we’d already shot. Again, be careful what you wish for.

We had a German shepherd who was wonderful: in fact, we needed two dogs to play the role. One for the aggressive King, and another for when he was friendly. And our bear was super. The actors needed time to adjust playing alongside a bear, but...[read on]
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