Saturday, February 27, 2016

Five YA books that transport you to dreamland

Eric Smith is the author of The Geek’s Guide to Dating and Inked. One of five YA reads that explore dreams which he tagged at the B&N Teen blog:
Dreamology, by Lucy Keating

This one isn’t out till April, so keep dreaming about it till it’s here. In Keating’s debut, the world of dreams starts to bleed into the real one for a teenager named Alice. And for a while, that doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. She’s been in love with Max almost her whole life, and they’ve been through so much together. It’s just a little weird that he has appeared in person at her new school—because before now, she has only known him in her dreams. But what happens when the one thing you’ve been dreaming about all your life doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it was?
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--Marshal Zeringue