Friday, August 21, 2015

Five YA books in which poetry is part of the plot

Eric Smith is the author of The Geek’s Guide to Dating and Inked. One of his five top Young Adult reads in which poetry is part of the plot, as shared at the B&N Teen blog:
When Reason Breaks, by Cindy L. Rodriguez

An emotional read that discusses mental illness and suicide, When Reason Breaks focuses on two teenagers wrestling with identity: Emily, a seemingly typical smart girl who’s battling depression in secret, and Elizabeth, a Goth girl fighting with anger issues. The two seemingly mismatched girls connect over the poetry of Emily Dickinson, and with her words, try to find a way to move on. It’s a gripping, diverse contemporary novel that’ll have you looking up Dickinson poems as you’re reading along.
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The Page 69 Test: When Reason Breaks.

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