Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Five books that prove humankind shouldn’t play with technology

Chuck Wendig's latest novel is Zeroes.

One of the author's five books that prove mankind shouldn’t play with technology, as shared at
Oryx and Crake—Margaret Atwood

This—plus the whole MaddAddam trilogy—depicts a world willfully destroyed through genetic engineering. Parallel storytelling shows us the world as it is now (mostly empty of humans, but home to engineered mistakes and humanoid beings) and the world then (depicting how the world ends). Sad, funny, satirical storytelling keeps this from ever being close to rote, and ultimately depicts nature itself as perhaps the ultimate victim.
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Oryx and Crake is among S.J. Watson's six best books, James Dawson’s list of ten ways in which writers have established barriers to love just for the sake of a great story, Torie Bosch's top twelve great pandemic novels, Annalee Newitz's top ten works of fiction that might change the way you look at nature and Liz Jensen's top 10 environmental disaster stories.

--Marshal Zeringue