Friday, July 31, 2015

What is Wallace Stroby reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Wallace Stroby, author of The Devil's Share.

His entry begins:
I’d been meandering back and forth between four different books lately – including two short story collections – without any of them capturing my undivided attention. That ended when I started Gene Kerrigan’s 2011 Dublin-set crime novel The Rage (Europa/World Noir). The novel, Kerrigan’s fourth, follows a just-released ex-con who’s in over his head with an ambitious heist, and a slightly tarnished cop who’s doggedly pursuing a cold case murder. Their trajectories intersect, of course, but...[read on]
About The Devil's Share, from the publisher:
It's been a year since professional thief Crissa Stone last pulled a job, and she's spent that time under the radar, very carefully not drawing attention to herself. That kind of life is safe, but it's boring, and it's lonely, and it's not very lucrative. So when Crissa starts to get antsy--and low on funds--she agrees to act as a thief-for-hire, partnering with a wealthy art collector to steal a truckload of plundered Iraqi artifacts before they're repatriated to their native country. But what's supposed to be a "give-up" robbery with few complications quickly turns deadly. Soon Crissa is on the run again, with both an ex-military hit squad and her own partners-in-crime in pursuit. And what should be the easiest job of her career--robbing a man who wants to be robbed--might just turn out to be the most dangerous.
Learn more about the author and his novels at the official Wallace Stroby website and The Heartbreak Blog.

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