Monday, July 13, 2015

Ten of the best books about cycling

Jon Day, writer, academic and cyclist, is the author of Cyclogeography. He worked as a bicycle courier in London for several years, and is now a lecturer in English Literature at King's College London. One of his ten best books about cycling, as shared at the Guardian:
Tim Krabbé, The Rider (1978, trans 2002)

The Dutch are a nation of cyclists, but they’re not so well known as bicycle racers. There are not enough hills in the Netherlands to make for interesting multi-stage racing. But Dutch writer Tim Krabbé’s The Rider is not only the best evocation of a bicycle race, but also one of the finest ever novels about sport.

Krabbé describes – pedal stroke by pedal stroke and kilometre by kilometre – an amateur one-day classic race. The Rider reads like the deranged interior monologue of the bicycle itself. It’s a novel that’s almost perfect.
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--Marshal Zeringue