Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ten top novels that explore sibling relationships

Sally Allen is Books, Ink editor and founder.

At Brain, Child Magazine she tagged ten top novels that explore sibling relationships, including:
Bellweather Rhapsody by Kate Racculia

Racculia’s novel offers a labyrinth of riveting plots and subplots revolving around a fading New York resort, a 15-year old murder-suicide, and a statewide teen music festival. Bellweather is the resort where, in 1982, a bride shot her groom and hung herself in room 712 and where, in 1997, teen flute prodigy Jill is found hanging from the sprinklers, again in room 712. But her body disappears, setting off the first mystery of the weekend—was it suicide, murder, or a prank?—that spawns more.

Central to the intertwining narratives are twins Alice and Rabbit, participating in the festival as vocalist and bassoonist respectively. Always center stage Alice is the exuberant twin, while shy Rabbit trails in her wake. But after Rabbit asserts himself at an orchestra rehearsal, he is thrust into the spotlight, leaving Alice frustrated with their role swap. Meanwhile, Rabbit is keeping a big secret from Alice, fearing how its reveal will affect their relationship and illuminating how difficult it can be to carve a singular identity in the face of our siblings’ expectations.
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