Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Joyce E. Salisbury's "Rome’s Christian Empress," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Rome's Christian Empress: Galla Placidia Rules at the Twilight of the Empire by Joyce E. Salisbury.

The entry begins:
Throughout the time I was writing this book, I pictured Angelina Jolie as playing the empress Placidia. First was the obvious –her looks. Galla Placidia was reputed to be stunningly beautiful with dark hair and dark eyes, and her one portrait (on the cover of my book) shows this. Beyond this, however, I’d need an actress who could express a range of emotions and embrace seemingly conflicting character traits. Placidia was deeply religious, yet she boldly exerted power even when her actions might seem unchristian at best. She approved of the execution of her stepmother; her disagreeable husband died under surprising circumstances; she was accused of inappropriate affection with her brother when she needed his support. Yet, Pope Leo knelt at her feet looking for...[read on]
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