Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Seven top YA novels about best friendship

One title on Dahlia Adler's list of seven great YA novels about best friendship, as shared on the B & N Teen Blog:
Over You, by Amy Reed

When Max’s best friend, Sadie, is sidelined with mono over the summer, leaving Max effectively alone in unfamiliar territory, she could mope around in Sadie’s shadow. Instead, Max decides to embrace all the things she never would have at Sadie’s side, and by the time Sadie gets better, Max has to decide whether they really are best friends forever or better off apart. In truth, this book is almost about the opposite of best friendship—finding your own identity when you realize just how toxic the person you’ve been calling your best friend is. But as someone who’s prone to falling into those types of relationships, this is one of my favorite BFF books of all.
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Writers Read: Amy Reed (October 2014).

--Marshal Zeringue