Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Five novels that walk the line between YA and adult

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Melissa Albert tagged five books that walk the line between YA and adult, including:
The Last Days of California, by Mary Miller

14-year-old Jess and her family are crossing the country in a car that smells like fast food, wearing King Jesus Returns! T-shirts and handing out literature on the end of the world. Miller nails the bored rhythms of a family road trip, spiked by their compelling, tabloid-ready destination: California and the Rapture. In between breaking the bad news to nonbelievers and helping her alluring older sister hide her pregnancy, Jess floats in motel pools, questions her faith, and flirts with boys, bending the rules in the days she’s almost certain are not her last.
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--Marshal Zeringue