Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pg. 69: Helen Douglas's "After Eden"

The current feature at the Page 69 Test: After Eden by Helen Douglas.

About the book, from the publisher:
The day Eden met Ryan changed her world forever. Actually, not just her world. Ryan has time traveled from the future to save the world. In a few weeks, Eden’s best friend Connor will discover a new planet—one where human life is possible. The discovery will make him famous. It will also ruin the world as we know it. When Ryan asks Eden for help, she must choose between saving the world and saving her best friend’s greatest achievement. And a crush on Ryan complicates things more than she could have imagined. Because Connor is due to make the discovery after the girl he loves breaks his heart. That girl is Eden.

Grounded in a realistic teen world with fascinating sci-fi elements, After Eden is a heart-pounding love triangle that’s perfect for dystopian fans looking for something new to devour.
Learn more about the book and author at Helen Douglas's website.

The Page 69 Test: After Eden.

--Marshal Zeringue