Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Coffee with a canine: Tammar Stein & Scout

Today's featured duo at Coffee with a Canine: Tammar Stein and Scout.

The author, on how she and Scout were united:
My husband and I were stationed in Germany when we adopted Scout. The Germans have a dog-loving culture. Scout went everywhere with me. Restaurants, department stores, the bank, other than grocery stores where the food is out on the shelves, dogs are welcome everywhere. Strangers would stop to give her treats. Stores would offer her a bowl of water if she looked thirsty. It was a small shock when we returned after three years and couldn't even...[read on]
About Tammar Stein's new novel, Spoils:
When Leni's family hit the lottery, life got ... well, strange. Leni's parents built a mansion fit for royalty; they enrolled their daughter in the fanciest, most expensive private school in Florida; and they even bought Leni a dolphin for her 12th birthday (she made them take it back). But all of that extravagant living has caught up with them and the lottery money is about to run out—except for the large trust fund Leni will inherit on her 18th birthday, now only a week away. Leni is prepared to give her parents the money until her sister, Natasha, confesses a shocking secret—one that threatens to destroy their entire family. Leni has been ordered to fix it, but how?
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--Marshal Zeringue