Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The nine best witches in literature

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Nicole Hill tagged the best witches in literature, including:
Hermione Granger

You don’t really have to take it from me. It says right there in the Harry Potter texts that Hermione’s the “brightest witch of her age.” There exists no problem too big or small for Hermione to tackle, except maybe her worst fear—expulsion. (And that one time with the troll, but she was young and the boys had thrown her off her game.) What we’re saying is, if Hermione, Minerva McGonagall, and Molly Weasley had been calling the shots the whole time, we could’ve dispensed with Voldemort, saved Hogwarts, and efficiently completed all N.E.W.T. and O.W.L. testing in four books instead of seven. Oh, and by the way, it’s Levi-oh-sa, not Levios-ah.
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Hermione Granger is one of Melissa Albert's top six distractible book lovers in pop culture.

--Marshal Zeringue