Monday, June 17, 2013

Ten of the best historical novels

One title on the Telegraph's list of the ten best historical novels:
Set in Germany at the end of the eighteenth century, The Blue Flower tells the story of the brilliant Fritz von Hardenberg, who becomes the great romantic poet and philosopher ‘Novalis’ and falls in love with twelve-year-old Sophie von Kuhn. Several real-life characters, including Goethe and von Schlegel, make appearances.

One of the most admired of Fitzgerald’s novels, it was published in 1995 and turned out to be her final book.
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The Blue Flower is one of William Skidelsky's ten best historical novels, Andrew Miller's top ten historical novels, Diana Quick's six best books, Sebastian Faulks' forty recommended books, and appears on Kate Blackwell's list of five books distinguished by sheer originality of language and unique vision.

--Marshal Zeringue