Monday, October 15, 2012

What is Ellen Hart reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Ellen Hart, author of Rest for the Wicked and 19 previous mysteries featuring Jane Lawless.

Her entry begins:
In August, my partner and I moved from a house we’d lived in for almost thirty years. Packing up books seemed to take forever--and this was after I’d given a ton of them away. In setting up my new study, I came across volumes I’d read in my twenties and thirties, books that moved me for one reason or another and so had to keep. I’m in the middle of two of them right now. Both novels.

The Women’s Room, by Marilyn French. I remember how much I was impressed by this book, but couldn’t recall the story. When I first read it, it seemed very timely, spoke directly to my own experience. The book seems dated now, but no less important or compelling. I’d like my daughters to read it, just to get a sense--a incredibly well-realized portrayal--of what...[read on]
About Rest for the Wicked, from the publisher:
DeAndre Moore came to Minneapolis from St. Louis with a purpose, but things aren’t going as he planned. When it becomes clear he’s in way over his head, DeAndre can think of only one person to call for help—his Uncle Nolan’s business partner, newly licensed private investigator Jane Lawless. However, by the time Jane listens to his voice mail, she’s hearing a voice from beyond the grave—DeAndre left the message only minutes before he was knifed to death outside a gentlemen’s club. Soon his murder isn’t the only one.

With Nolan in the hospital, Jane sets out to find out who killed DeAndre, how his death is connected with the others, and what he was doing in Minneapolis in the first place.

Rest for the Wicked is another outstanding addition to Ellen Hart’s award-winning mystery series.
Learn more about the book and author at Ellen Hart's website.

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