Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Five top books about film

David Thomson, one of the great living authorities on the movies, is the author of The New Biographical Dictionary of Film, now in its fifth edition. His books include a biography of Nicole Kidman, a biography of Orson Welles, and The Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood. His latest works are the acclaimed Have You Seen...?: A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films and The Big Screen: The Story of the Movies.

One of Thomson's five favorite books about film, as told to The Daily Beast:
Notes on the Cinematographer
by Robert Bresson

[H]ere’s one you may not know: Robert Bresson’s Notes on the Cinematographer (1975). It’s very slim, comprised of a gathering together of proverbs or rules about how to make a movie. Don’t read it too fast. You need to think about every passage. But the book is full of wisdom and a strange, straight-faced humor so that when you’re done you will be ready to see some Bresson movies—A Man Escaped, Mouchette, Pickpocket
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--Marshal Zeringue