Monday, May 30, 2011

What is Will Allison reading?

Today's featured contributor at Writer's Read: Will Allison, author of Long Drive Home.

His entry begins:
I've been catching up on the latest work of some writers I'm fortunate enough to call friends.

I'm about halfway through Andrew Foster Altschul's new novel, Deus Ex Machina, a behind-the-scenes story of a fictional reality show. It's as brilliant and confidently written and funny and ambitious as Andrew's first novel, Lady Lazurus, which blew me away.

Before that...[read on]
Among the early praise for Long Drive Home:
"Like a nightmare that gets scarier and scarier as the hyperrealistic details mount, Will Allison's psychological thriller Long Drive Home can shake you up ... But while wondering whether Glen will get arrested is what keeps you turning pages, Allison's eye for the details of marriage and fatherhood, and his deconstruction of what can happen when a good guy makes one false move, are what will break your heart."
--O: The Oprah Magazine

"A gripping morality tale that raises questions about race, conscience and the responsibilities of parenthood." A People Pick.
--People Magazine

"A moment of pique has life-and-death consequences in this suspenseful, finely etched novel." A Parade Pick.
--Parade Magazine

"While narrowly focusing his lens on the event and its consequences, Mr. Allison still manages to take in a panorama of human behavior... Mr. Allison’s gift is in making [his protagonist's] lie — and each new one it inevitably spawns — understandable, showing how this story could be anyone’s."
--New York Times

"Allison focuses on the brutally quick unraveling of Glen’s peaceful existence, filling the reader with not only dread but also the desire to discover what terrible--or hopeful--development awaits on the next page."
--Entertainment Weekly
Learn more about the book and author at Will Allison's website.

The Page 69 Test: Long Drive Home.

Writer's Read: Will Allison.

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