Thursday, September 03, 2009

What is Pamela Redmond Satran reading?

The current featured contributor to Writers Read: Pamela Redmond Satran, author of the New York Times bestseller How Not To Act Old.

One paragraph from her entry:
Perfection, by Julie Metz – This memoir of a wife who discovers her husband’s many affairs after he drops unexpectedly dead was one of the summer’s big beach reads, which is exactly where I devoured it in less than two days. I’ve been thinking of doing a marriage memoir of my own, so I was reading it with part of my brain meditating such questions as whether I’d be willing to reveal as much as Metz did, and if my story was intrinsically as juicy as hers. But – and this is great testament to an author from a fellow writer – ultimately I was able to get out of thoughts about my own theoretical project and be transported by...[read on]
Satran's book How Not To Act Old is based on her blog of the same name. She is also the author of five novels and the coauthor of ten baby name guides. Satran also developed the website and is the cowriter of The Glamour List.

Among the early praise for How Not To Act Old:
"Shimmers with a multitude of wise and hilarious insights on the pitfalls of acting your age. Don’t just read it, memorize it. And buy it for everyone you love. It’s original and brilliant!"
—Dorothea Benton Frank, New York Times bestselling author

"A welcome jolt of fresh wit: wryly, smartly, and crisply devoted to the subject that dare not speak its name among those of us who fully expected, against all odds, to never become unhip. With How Not To Act Old, we’ll get our wish."
—Sheila Weller, author of the New York Times bestseller Girls Like Us
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Writers Read: Pamela Redmond Satran.

--Marshal Zeringue