Saturday, December 13, 2008

What is Colleen Shogan reading?

This weekend's featured contributor to Writers Read: Colleen Shogan, author of The Moral Rhetoric of American Presidents and a Section Research Manager in the Government and Finance Division of the Congressional Research Service (CRS). Formerly a political science professor at George Mason University, Shogan has lectured and written on a wide range of topics, from presidential rhetoric to women in Congress. Prior to joining CRS, Colleen worked as a Legislative Assistant for Senator Joe Lieberman.

Elvin Lim included Shogan's The Moral Rhetoric of American Presidents on his list of the five best books on presidential rhetoric.

One paragraph from her Writers Read entry:
Even though I mostly read fiction, I did spend several evenings perusing Stephen Hess's new book, What Do We Do Now? Hess, a scholar at the Brookings Institution, is a veteran of several White House transitions, and his book is a workbook for the new President-elect. In very concrete and practical terms, it describes what a new president must do before January 20 to make the White House function efficiently.[read on]
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Writers Read: Colleen Shogan.

--Marshal Zeringue