Friday, September 12, 2008

Top ten birds in fact and fiction

Esther Woolfson's book on natural history, Corvus is published by Granta in August, 2008. Her novel Piano Angel is published by Two Ravens Press October 2008.

For the Guardian, she named her top 10 birds in fact and fiction.

She writes: "The books I most enjoy that feature birds aren't necessarily the ones in which birds are at the forefront. In the factual ones they are. But in fiction I like a hint of birds: a bird as subsidiary character, as metaphor or symbol. I also like nature writing that places itself in historical context, and touches on the parallel lives of birds, and creatures, and man."

One title on Woolfson's list:
In the Company of Crows and Ravens by John M Marzluff and Tony Angel

This is the best, most fascinating, most comprehensive book on every aspect of corvid life, society and behaviour yet written, scholarly and humorous, and beautifully illustrated, all lit by a rare and joyous enthusiasm.
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The Page 99 Test: In the Company of Crows and Ravens.

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--Marshal Zeringue