Monday, October 22, 2007

Kate Colquhoun's top 10 unusual cookbooks

In his recent Writers Read entry, Ken Albala wrote:
For serious reading I am about to start Kate Colquhoun's Taste: The Story of Britain Through Its Cooking. She wrote a splendid review of my own new Beans in the Telegraph last week, and I literally bumped into her at the Oxford Symposium this weekend. My instinctive reaction upon seeing her was to deliver a kiss -- and she is gorgeous. I anticipate that the book will be just as enchanting.
Colquhoun liked Albala's book so much that it came in at #5 on the "top 10 unusual cookbooks" list she compiled for the Guardian.

Another title to make the list:
The New English Kitchen, Rose Prince

In her Daily Telegraph columns, Prince shows us weekly how we can change the world by changing the way we think and the choices we make about our food. As we become increasingly alarmed about sustainability, the ethics, sources and safety of our food, we need people like her to help us navigate the minefield of contradictory advice. Her book is all about thrift, sometimes about frugality, always about clear thinking and full of inspiring and tasty recipes. The greatest honour you can show your food is not to waste it. Prince shows us how.
Read about another favorite of Colquhoun's that is "stuffed with appalling recipes [for such dishes as] mussels in chocolate, garlic ice cream and smoked cat."

--Marshal Zeringue