Sunday, October 14, 2007

Carnival of the Criminal Minds

Coming this week to The Rap Sheet: the second post in the developing “Carnival of the Criminal Minds” series.

What is the “Carnival of the Criminal Minds?”

The Rap Sheet's editor, J. Kingston Pierce explained earlier this month:
The idea for this rolling blog carnival came from author and academic librarian Barbara Fister, who in mid-September suggested that a gaggle of bloggers interested in crime and mystery fiction get together and regularly post links to Web-based stories about the genre that they’ve read and enjoyed recently. At least initially, the carnival’s hosts will alternate on a fortnightly basis. We started with Chisholm’s site. The Rap Sheet will follow up with a similar round-up posting in mid-October, and things are expected to go on from there. At last count, Fister had convinced four bloggers--including yours truly--to participate, with others still waiting to see how things go. She has also created an archive blog to keep track of where the carnival has been, and where it’s headed next.... When you get a chance, click over to the first crime carnival post.
Watch The Rap Sheet this week for the carnival's second stop.

--Marshal Zeringue