Monday, August 20, 2007

What is Robert Louden reading?

The current featured contributer to Writers Read: Robert Louden, author of The World We Want: How and Why the Ideals of the Enlightenment Still Elude Us (Oxford University Press).

Robert Louden is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern Maine. He is the author of Kant's Impure Ethics: From Rational Beings to Human Beings (OUP, 2000) and Morality and Moral Theory: A Reappraisal and Reaffirmation (OUP, 1992), co-editor and translator of Kant, Anthropology, History, and Education (CUP, 2007) and Kant, Lectures on Anthropology (CUP, 2008), translator of Kant's Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View (CUP, 2006), editor of Schleiermacher's Lectures on Philosophical Ethics (CUP, 2002), and co-editor of The Greeks and Us (University of Chicago Press, 1996).

Visit Louden's university homepage to learn more about him and his work, and to read the answer to "Why Philosophize?"

Learn more about The World We Want at the Oxford University Press website.

Writers Read: Robert Louden.

--Marshal Zeringue