Sunday, August 12, 2007

What is Noam Chomsky reading?

Noam Chomsky, the author and academic, talked to the Christian Science Monitor about his movie-watching and his favorite music.

And what he's been reading:

I've just finished a few important books. One is Ha-Joon Chang's Bad Samaritans, a penetrating and expert study showing how and why standard doctrines concerning economic development are dramatically refuted by the historical record and have caused severe harm when applied. Another is Peter Hallward's Damming the Flood. The "flood" is Lavalas, the popular movement in Haiti that won the first democratic election in this tragic country, a victim of French and US torture, and the savagery of a small elite, since it became the first free country of free men in the hemisphere. Hallward's deeply informed account of what he sees as "neo-imperial sabotage" by the traditional torturers explores the background of the coup of 2004 and the persistence of "the flood" in a country that is a microcosm of imperial savagery and heroic resistance, however one interprets recent events.

Check out Chomsky on music and movies.

--Marshal Zeringue