Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The "Elizabeth Goodweather" books, the movie

Vicki Lane, author of three "Elizabeth Goodweather" novels (with a fourth on the way in the coming year), ran her novels through the "My Book, The Movie" exercise.

Here's how her entry opens:
I’ll ask the Coen Bros. to direct simply because a.) I adore them and b.) if they can do a movie around a pregnant sheriff from a small town in Minnesota, a fifty-something Appalachian widow with a law enforcement significant other ought not to be too much of a stretch for those boys.

There are only two of my characters in the current three books that I’ve actually visualized as looking like actors. Phillip Hawkins, the burly, balding ex-detective friend/love interest of my protagonist Elizabeth Goodweather, is described as looking “like Danny DeVito, but tall.”

The other is Aidan, a performance artist in Art’s Blood, of whom an onlooker drools, “that blond boy ... quite delicious. Just like that gorgeous elf in the Lord of the Rings films.” That, of course, would be Orlando Bloom.
There's more -- much more -- so please read on.

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--Marshal Zeringue