Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pg. 69: "You're Not the Boss of Me"

The current feature at the Page 69 Test: Erika Schickel's You're Not the Boss of Me.

About the book, from the publisher:
Sometimes described as “Erma Bombeck in leather,” Los Angeles writer Erika Schickel is sexier and hipper than the divine Erma, but just as side-splittingly funny as she shares her misadventures in marriage, pregnancy, and motherhood. It all begins with her discovery that unsafe sex with her hubby is hot — and impregnating. From Week 1 when Schickel’s embryo is as small as a pinhead to Week 39 when baby morphs to the size of Marlon Brando, she finds out that motherhood doesn’t change her mind or her irrepressible spirit (her body is another story).

Erika still detests the SUV she calls her 4,299 pound mistake, she now accepts the life-altering power of a girdle when it helps her squeeze into a tight dress to rock out at a Patti Smith concert. Here she shares a decade of marriage and motherhood in a smart, outrageous, and laugh-out-loud book ... perfect for anyone who’s done time in a modern American family.
Among the praise for You're Not the Boss of Me:
"Soda-through-the-nose hilarious!"
--Los Angeles Times

"[A] frequently funny, entirely irreverent and occasionally inappropriate essay collection."
--Publishers Weekly

"Witty, observant, and fearless."
--Merrill Markoe
Visit Erika Schickel's website and read an adapted excerpt from You're Not the Boss of Me.

The Page 69 Test: You're Not the Boss of Me.

--Marshal Zeringue