Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Bronte’s Egg," the movie

At "My Book, The Movie," science fiction writer and poet Richard Chwedyk shares some ideas on the casting of a film adaptation of his Nebula Award-winning novella, "Bronte's Egg." The basics, from the author:
My best-known work is the novella "Bronte's Egg," a story that takes place in a kind of rescue mission for genetically engineered toys that look like small versions of dinosaurs, called "saurs." The central character is a little bundle of energy named Axel, who wakes up one morning wanting to send a message to "Space Guys," and to build a robot he's calling Rotomotoman. At the same time, an apatosaur named Bronte has produced an egg – something that bioengineered saurs are not supposed to be capable of doing. Bronte and the other saurs hope to hatch this egg, but keep it secret from "the humans." Axel's and Bronte's efforts ultimately converge. That's the story of mine that moviemakers might be most interested in, with an assist from my other saur stories "The Measure of All Things" and "In Tibor's Cardboard Castle."
Chwedyk has a long list of famous actors -- and a few fresh faces -- in mind for the cast and director.

See My Book, The Movie: "Bronte's Egg."

--Marshal Zeringue