Monday, August 28, 2006

What does Janet Evanovich read?

Last month the Christian Science Monitor asked best-selling author Janet Evanovich what she was reading. "Uncle Scrooge" comics were part of the answer; she also named a pack of prolific novelists whose work she follows:

I'm not a very complicated person. I'm not someone who actually sits and analyzes something. If I pick up and book and I don't want to put it down ... that's good enough for me. Nora Roberts is amazing. She's so prolific but you can always count on her; she's very consistent. I like her writing style.

I like Bob Crais. I like Elmore Leonard. I like Robert B. Parker. I love that [Parker] has such a clear sense of his moral code. He's such a wordsmith. His books are so clean--they're entirely linear. When I decided to move into crime fiction I used him as a model for my own Stephanie Plum series.

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--Marshal Zeringue