Sunday, August 13, 2006

Martin Peretz's latest valentine to Al Gore

Martin Peretz, co-owner and editor-in-chief of The New Republic, has long promoted the notion that Al Gore, a former student of Peretz's at Harvard in the 1960s, would make a great president. Peretz first endorsed Gore in the 1988 Democratic primaries when Gore challenged Dukakis.

The most recent installment in this long campaign is a brief item by Peretz on TNR's blog: click here to read it. (Click here for a more elaborate version of the argument.)

Peretz implies that the brisk sales of Gore's latest book, An Inconvenient Truth, mean that the former vice-president might enjoy wide electoral support.

He may be correct.

Last month I posted an item about the film version of An Inconvenient Truth here.

Click here for Peretz's TNR biography.

Are you struck by the odd coincidence of the letters in "Marty Peretz" and the "Meretz Party?" So was I, and I got Emily Yoffe of Slate interested in explaining the relationship. Click here to see what she came up with.

--Marshal Zeringue