Friday, December 29, 2023

What is Raymond Beauchemin reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Raymond Beauchemin, author of The Emptiest Quarter: Novellas.

His entry begins:
Like a lot of readers, I have several books or magazines or newspaper article going on at the same time. Weekly, there’s the New Yorker, for the articles and, let’s not kid ourselves, the cartoons; and the New York Times Book Review, so I have an idea of what’s going on in the book world even if I don’t get around to most of the reviewed books.

Among the highlights of my reading this year were two books from Boston-area writers, Dennis Lehane’s Small Mercies, with a kick-ass protagonist named Mary Pat, who goes up against a Whitey Bulger-like Irish mobster in Southie while confronting her own biases during the busing crisis in Boston in 1974; and Such Kindness, by Andre Dubus III, featuring a recovering addict attempting to make connections with the people around him, or reconnections with the people he lost during his blackout phase, but most importantly get in touch with...[read on]
About The Emptiest Quarter, from the publisher:
The three novellas in The Emptiest Quarter find their inspiration in the sands and streets of Abu Dhabi, where author Raymond Beauchemin lived for four years, a time that overlapped with the building of the Louvre and Guggenheim museums and the opening of Sorbonne and NYU campuses, the convulsions of the Arab Spring and the eruption of civil war in Syria. The characters who populate The Emptiest Quarter live at both the centre and the fringes of the conflict between preservation and progress, including sheikhs, western oil-and-gas men, burned-out journalists, pearl divers, and Filipina caregivers, all striving to find themselves, to find love, to find balance in ever-shifting sands.
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