Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Seven novels that effortlessly blend travel and crime

John Marrs is a former journalist and author of ten best-selling novels, including When You Disappeared and Keep It In The Family. His book The One became an eight-part Netflix drama, and What Lies Between Us won an International Thriller Writer’s Award.

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Marrs's new novel is The Vacation.

At CrimeReads he tagged seven favorite thrillers that effortlessly blend travel and crime, including:
Dark Matter, by Blake Crouch

What must it be like to spend a day in the imagination of Blake Crouch? How did he even begin working out the plot of this thriller? For this pick, we are talking traveling from dimension to dimension instead of country to country. It’s the story of a physicist who finds himself in a parallel universe after being kidnapped. And the universe he ends up in is based on different choices he made when he was fifteen years younger. A truly exceptional sci-fi story.
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