Saturday, June 04, 2016

What is Jo Perry reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Jo Perry, author of Dead is Best.

Her entry begins:
I am reading a number of books at once. Among those that made powerful impressions on me are two published by my new publisher, Fahrenheit Press:

James Craig's A Slow Death is a dark crime novel set in Berlin in 1990, the chaotic period after the Wall has fallen, and featuring Kriminalinspecktor Max Drescher--a cynical, gay police detective with a personal crisis who must solve a series of brutal murders.

Craig is a powerful, wry, masterful and economical writer; his unconventional and cynical hero, Drescher, is a man who is most alive when he does his job:

"I just love the smell of tear gas in the evening." Pulling up the waistband of his trousers, Kriminalinspector Max Drescher took a short run up and kicked the empty cannister - about the size of a tin of soup - ten yards down Prinzenstrasse, into the lingering haze of..."[read on]
About Dead is Best, from the publisher:
Charlie and Rose are back in their much anticipated new adventure.

Charlie’s step daughter lies dying on a beach. She needs help. Some serious help. But how did she get there and what can on earth can a dead guy and his dead dog do?

Plenty as it turns out.

As Charlie & Rose ride to the rescue in their own unique way it soon becomes clear that the body on the beach was only the beginning….
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