Thursday, June 02, 2016

What is Jeffrey Salane reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Jeffrey Salane, author of Mayhem (Lawless #3).

His entry begins:
I’m in the middle of A Game of Thrones believe it or not. I came by the series from the show (which is horrid, but the books have so much of the pages!). I had honestly never considered reading them until this year when the television show eclipsed the printed story. I think that’s rare. Reading the series now feels both like reading it for the first time and for the second time all at once and that’s the experience I was hoping for. I dove into the book to seek out the crafted strands of various character’s stories, to appreciate how Martin’s plotting and development has been so steady and true from the beginning to the end of certain...[read on]
About Mayhem, from the publisher:
M Freeman has been a star pupil at the Lawless School for criminal masterminds. She's been a top agent at the Fulbright Academy for extreme law enforcement. Now she finds herself in a situation she never, ever expected: a normal life!

If M thinks danger is a thing of the past, however, she couldn't be more wrong. Because before she left her old life behind her, she learned a dangerous secret, one that's made her a target. Now, with the forces of Lawless and the Fulbrights on the verge of open war, she has no choice but to rely on a ragtag team of outcasts, misfits, and troublemakers.

On their own, they don't amount to much. But under M's leadership, they might just become a force to change the world.

The fast-paced, unpredictable conclusion to the Lawless series is sure to appeal to fans of Spy School and The School for Good and Evil.
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My Book, The Movie: Mayhem.

Writers Read: Jeffrey Salane.

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