Saturday, January 02, 2016

The twelve best books of 2015 that didn't get enough attention

One title from Brooklyn Magazine's list of the twelve best under-appreciated books of 2015:
After Birth Elisa Albert

In reviewing After Birth for the New York Times, author Merritt Tierce predicted that the novel would “no doubt… be ­shunted into one of the lesser subcanons of ­contemporary literature, like ‘women’s fiction,'” though it ought, Tierce continued, be considered “as essential as The Red Badge of Courage.” Which is exactly right, of course: Albert’s novel is an unflinching look at the trials and tribulations of new motherhood, yes, but also the realities of being a woman and the attendant never-ending quest to find a place in a society that doesn’t want to make room for us on our own terms and it is as much a story of heroism and personal maturation as is Crane’s classic. It is easily one of the best books of this year, and, really, any other.
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The Page 69 Test: After Birth.

--Marshal Zeringue