Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Seven top books featuring home invasions

Nolan Cubero is a writer and director originally from Louisville, Kentucky. He studied linguistics at Brooklyn College and is currently a law student at UCLA School of Law. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

Shadow Drive is his first novel.

At CrimeReads Cubero tagged seven "books that feature home invasions, but not necessarily just the kind where people break in and threaten your life, but also the kind where they sneakily intrude into your home and then slowly make you question everything." One title on the list:
Heat 2 by Michael Mann, Meg Gardiner

That includes the unlimited potential of violence. When someone barges into your home, and they take you captive, there’s nothing keeping them from doing whatever they want to you. It’s not like a mugging, or even a bar fight, where the violence is quick, maybe even public. In a home invasion, the violence is behind closers doors and possibly indefinite. In Heat 2, the lead home invader seems to have no moral line he won’t cross, and as he’s standing there over his victims, his potential for cruelty and violence seems limitless.
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--Marshal Zeringue