Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Ten top books about American birthmothers

Julia Franks is the author of The Say So and Over the Plain Houses. The latter was a debut novel that was listed among NPR’s Best Books, included in many “best of” lists, and the recipient of five different prestigious literary prizes (The Townsend Prize, The Thomas Wolfe Award, The Southern Book Prize, Georgia Author of the Year, and The IPPY Gold).

At Lit Hub Franks tagged ten books "about birthparents that ring true to me," including:
Byrd by Kim Church

Addie Lockwood is a small-town bookseller who re-encounters her high school crush 15 years later, in the late 80s. By the time she realizes this rock-and-roll-guitarist is not the man she hoped he was, she’s pregnant. At first she seeks an abortion, but medical complications leave her with no other option than to bring the child, Byrd, to term. In the end she makes plans for his adoption without telling his father, setting herself up for a lifetime of solitary “what-ifs”? Byrd is the most lyrical and deft of novels, one that embraces the ambiguity and complexity of our most intimate choices and the ways they resound over the decades.
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