Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Ten sci-fi series for fans of "The Expanse"

At BookBub Jeff Somers tagged ten sci-fi series "like The Expanse that combine political intrigue, military sci-fi, and ancient mysteries," including:
Behind the Throne by K. B. Wagers

Although less sprawling than other series on this list, Wagers nails the complex political intrigue that fans of The Expanse love. Hail Bristol is renowned as one of the best smugglers working the galaxy, but she’s being pursued by a pair of bounty hunters for entirely different reasons: She’s secretly the heir to the Indranan Empire. When her sisters are murdered, she’s called back by her mother, the empress, to take her place in court — but Hail’s real reasons for obeying the call have everything to do with avenging the murders of her siblings. Tense, funny, and beautifully detailed, this is a space opera with a fierce sense of individuality shot through with dark drama.
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--Marshal Zeringue